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Our final product is Sodium Tungstate, which is an invaluable intermediate for further processing to Ammoniumparatungstate (APT), WC powders, catalysts in paint dyes, pigment pharmaceuticals, and as catalysts in chemical reactions like epoxidation of alkenes and oxidation of alcohols into aldehyds or ketons.



Tapping tungsten carbide tools and materials as the primary source for tungsten is not only more efficient than refining from tungsten ore, but also more environmentally friendly. That's why the majority of the tungsten raw materials we use today come from the secondary market.



In a world where scarce resources meet an ever increasing demand, where at the same time the protection of our environment has become a global duty, we think it has become more important than ever to act responsibly and to recover every little bit of what our planet has to offer, so nothing will go to waste.

We have a team of experts in place, with decades of experience in the tungsten business environment, to ensure we can be a reliable partner and supplier for the global market.

Located in Taiwan, Lianyou Metals is active in the refining of secondary tungsten material to sodium tungstate. With the ability to process almost any kind of hard and soft tungsten carbide materials, we have positioned ourselves as a key partner in the global tungsten intermediates supply chain.


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